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Refined, now also for Jira Projects

With Refined for Jira 3.x we have expanded the coverage from Jira Service Desk to also support Jira Core and Jira Software. While Building your Sites you can now include Jira projects on any site. When adding a Jira project to a Refined site you get a customizable view of your Core or Software project, similar to the view you have for a Service Desk project. Permissions set on the Jira project are used to determine if the project is visible to the user. For the landing pages we've also introduced two new content modules related to Jira projects: Issue Types and Jira Issues. Please find more information about supported issue fields here

Delegate Admin Permissions

One of the most frequently requested features is to allow users without Jira administrator permissions to set up and configure the Refined App and the Refined SitesWith version 3.0 we have introduced two Refined specific admin levels, Refined Admin and Site Admin. This means the Jira administrator can assign users and user groups to be Refined Admins and Site Admins. Refined Admins and Site Admins can then setup and manage sites, themes and some other Refined configurations:

Refined Admin

Allowed to do all things Refined without being a Jira Administrator

  • Manage Configuration(Theme Configuration)
  • Manage Theming
  • Manage Global KB settings
  • Manage Global Layout settings
  • Managing all sites
  • Add/Remove Refined Admins and Site Admins 
  • All the permissions a Site Admin has

Site Admin

Allowed to administer a site. Users with this permission will not be able to edit or configure global Refined features. Only the Site Builder will be available in the admin UI for Site Admins. 

  • Manage Site Configuration
  • Manage SIte Footer
  • Site Builder for the site. (Manage Categories, Add projects and links)
  • Edit all layouts in the site. (Site Home, Category Home)
  • Add/remove Site Admins from a Site.

Learn more about Admin delegation

Set Start Site for Users

It's now possible to configure Start Sites for users and user groups on a per-site basis. The settings in each Site include the option to specify the users and user groups groups for which that site should be the landing page after login. This means that you can have users of one user group start out from one site, while users from another group start on another site. 

New in this version is the possibility to have a start-site for anonymous users too.

Learn more about Site Setting

More Dynamic Layout & Page Sections

A popular request has been to specify sections on a page that should only be visible to unauthenticated or anonymous users. This section will not be visible once the user has logged in. A great place to put a signup form or welcome text & login button. 

Learn more about View Permissions

Categorize Images

You can now create groups to categorize and present your globally uploaded images in the Image bank. Useful to create collections or group images for easy use on themes or modules. 

Learn more about Images

Refined Filters for Jira Search

We've taken the Jira support further by also adding custom JQL functions that you can use anywhere you search for Jira content to find requests or issues specific to a Refined Site or Category.

There's two JQL functions included:

  • refinedSite 

     See example...

    Search for all bugs in a site with key 'internal-releases'

    issuetype = Bug and project in refinedSite("internal-releases")

  • refinedCategory

     See example...

    Search for Open tickets not in projects placed in the category with key 'tutorials'

    status = Open and project not in refinedCategory("tutorials")

My Request Module Filter

It's now possible to include a filter bar similar to what's shown on the "My Request" page for the My Request module available on Pages & Layouts.

Improved Resource Handling and App Size

We've done a total revamp on how we handle our app resources resulting in a smaller app size and batches when loading app content. 

Resolved Issues

47 customer request resolved in this release. Highlights include:

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to report a bug, please visit and file a ticket.