For more info on the 3.0 release, please read the 3.0.0 release notes
Download Refined for JIRA 3.0.3
Server Data Center

Upgrade to 3.0 on multi node setups

In this release an issue was addressed where the upgrade button to display if you were migrating/upgrading from a 2.x version of Refined was shown on all nodes of a Data Center instance, causing the upgrade to be made multiple times. 

Custom favicons 

Custom favicons are now respected when viewing Refined-related pages

Other fixes

  • Fixes a bug where the url would change/display wrong for the theme admin section
  • Improved the UI of the notification badge for users related to "My Requests" and "My issues"
  • Removed the Refined footer from the project configuration view. 
  • Fixed an issue were duplicate loaders were shown when loading the Site Builder
  • Links with custom permission now correctly display a padlock icon through the Site Builder
  • Sections in the Theme editor are now collapsed by default to allow for a greater overview
  • Site Builder icons for permission and themes on items are now clickable to directly open the edit dialog to change them. 

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