For more info on the 3.0 release, please read the 3.0.0 release notes
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Server Data Center

Jira 8.12 compatibility

This release adds compatibility for Jira 8.12 / Jira Service Desk 4.12.

Confluence Cloud Knowledge base

In JSD 4.12 Atlassian has introduced the possibility to use a Confluence Cloud knowledge base with a Jira Service Desk server installation. This is supported by Refined with a couple of technical limitations: knowledge base articles module and the search highlight module with custom settings don't work with a Confluence cloud knowledge base. The search highlight does work when default settings are selected. 

If your browser is preventing cross site tracking (this is the default option in Safari and Firefox) you might not be able to view the articles. This issue is present with Jira Service Desk too so it is not caused by Refined.

Bug-fixes and improvements

  • New window option now working properly when using quick links.
  • Fixed an issue where article opened in new window when using keyboard even for popup setting. 
  • Fixed display rendering issues with 'My Requests" overlapping other columns on small layouts.
  • When there was an '@' in the user name the Jira issues would not fetch properly.
  • The recommended links section now matches the regular issue fields look and feel. 
  • When articles are long and has attachments, it auto-scrolls to top. This has now been fixed. 
  • Pagination in approvals list now works properly
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't add attachments on create if they didn't have edit rights.
  • Fixed an issue where added comments would appear in inconsistent order.
  • Escaping popup view of articles no longer closes search results.
  • Made help images in admin section larger.
  • Pressing outside edited field (e.g. description) on issue no longer causes lost data but instead saves as in default jira.
  • Refined sites and portals are now disabled until any pending upgrades are completed.
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