Display SLAs on the request view

With Refined 3.1 you can display SLAs on the request view. 

For more information:  Display SLAs on customer portal

Accessibility Improvements

The Refined sites, portal and customer user pages have received an overhaul in terms of accessibility. We've improved color contrasts and pages structure to make the content easier to interpret and navigate. 

The sites and portals are now also fully navigable using keyboard only. If you have feedback or questions in this area feel free to reach out via our support portal. 

New look on Announcement Banners

Announcement banners have gotten a face lift. 

For more information: Announcement Banners

Default Request Type

We have also included a highly requested feature: Default Request Type. A default request type can be set to catch questions when the end users haven't found what they're looking for. The default request type is displayed when:

  • a user gets an empty search result
  • a user is not permitted to view a page
  • a user ends up on a content not found page, for example if the content has been moved

For more information: Default Request Type

Attachment Viewer

We have upgraded our attachment viewer for displaying images and videos on requests and issues. 

Renaming Recommended Links to Promoted Search Results

Recommended Links functionality is renamed to Promoted Search Results to create more clarity about this useful feature. If you're unfamiliar with the feature you can read more about it here.

Bugs and improvements

As usual, we have also included multiple bug fixes and improvements into this release.

Please continue to report bugs and share your ideas for improvements and new features at support.refined.com!

Thank you!

Resolved Issues

80 customer request resolved in this release. Some additional highlights include:

  • You can now use CQL to configure your Search Highlight modules.
  • A brand new set of icons to chose from for your Navigation modules.
  • The Site Builder and Layout Editor now fully support changing project keys or types
  • With the Announcement Banners facelift, it's now also possible to add banners to the login page.
  • Create form dialogs now also displays the Service desk name under the request type. 
  • You can now configure the number of results shown for the Jira Issues module. 
  • It's now possible to configure a global favicon along with the global logo for Refined sites.

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to report a bug, please visit support.refined.com and file a ticket.