Add supported languages for your portals. Users visiting a Refined site or portal will have a language switcher available on the site for switching the language.

To further empower this feature we're expanding our supported languages from 5 to 25 - read more on our Supported languages

For an overview and walkthrough of the feature see the written tutorial: Tutorial: Working with portal languages and translations (from 3.2)

There's also a Video tutorial.

For more details see Site Languages

Custom text variables & Dictionary

Expand on the default offering of Text Variables with the ability to add custom text variables that can be used for Landing pages, Footers, Sites and site structures as well as for Promoted search results and announcement banners. 

Create a standardised welcome message managed from one place, or create one for the url to avoid having to update links manually. Use together with languages to create translations.

For an overview and walkthrough of the feature see the written tutorial:

For more details, see Custom text variables & Dictionary

Announcement banner improvements

Updating the Announcement Banners UI and visual aspects - We’ve moved the admin popup into the Refined admin section for easier access for the refined admin users. We’re also adding a new banner type: Announcement

Search improvements

Recommended Links - Promoted Search Results are now available from the Refined admin UI to easily manage all links in one place.

We've improved the performance for promoted search and added flexibility in configuring the results and their limits in the Search Highlight  module.

Bugs and improvements

As usual, we have also included multiple bug fixes and improvements into this release.

61 customer request resolved in this release. Some additional highlights include:

  • Build in performance profiling for easier support troubleshooting performance-related issues

  • New request display option: Display attachments in right-hand side as list

  • Add and configure Favicon and App icon

  • Support cmd/ctrl+enter to open in new tab

  • Direct-link to request type groups in request type modules

  • Added the “navigate back” button requests and issues.

  • Added new JQL functions

Please continue to report bugs and share your ideas for improvements and new features at!

Thank you!