For more info on the 3.2 release, please read the 3.2.0 release notes
Download Refined for JIRA 3.2.1
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Bug-fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Jira-created tickets without request types could be shown in portals.
  • If Summary field is hidden, it will now still be shown in my request lists and request details. 
  • Fixed an issue with undefined status category (medium gray) having the wrong text color.
  • Fixed a bug where the last step of the language tutorial cards ended up below the create dialog.
  • Fixed a bug when the My Requests Module is on a category, the category prompts login for anonymous uses
  • Addressed an issue where the footer for KB articles was not shown as expected.
  • Fixed the edit layout button being misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue where a ticket that is moved between service desks would not show up and be displayed properly. 
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