For Site and Category View Permissions

Go to: Admin > Site Builder > Settings icon > Edit > View Permissions

Use view permissions to show only relevant content to users. View permissions can be managed for a site, category and sections on customer portals. Read more about using section permissions here.

Keep in mind, view permissions do not override the Service Desk permissions. These still need to be configured in Jira. 

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An overview of view permissions


Watch this video to learn how to add view permissions to a site and to sections in the layout editor on a customer portal. We break the steps down below: 

View Permissions for Sites and Categories

Use permissions for Sites and Categories if you want some users to find and navigate to a specific site or category, while other navigate to another. You can make a Site visible to anonymous users, logged in users or specified user groups. 

Go to: Site Builder > Edit Site or Category you want to add view permissions to. If the lock icon is closed, that means there is already view permissions added to the Site.

Add the relevant Site or Category view permissions

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