When you use Refined, the look and feel of your site comes from different configurations and settings, all in combination with each other. 

This is an overview of what components make up the look and feel for your Refined setup. 

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The theme is what is surrounding the content of your site. 

Below you can see the same Refined site, with the same content, but displayed with two different themes. 

Example theme

Example theme

A Theme is created and managed in the Theme Editor and applied to the Site itself as a global theme, or to a Refined Page as a theme for an area of a site. 

Learn more about the Theme editor

Learn more about the theming in the Site Builder


Adding categories, Jira projects or JSD portals to a Refined Site each item will get a Refined landing page to it. This landing page is a:

  • Site home
  • Category home
  • Jira project page
  • Jira Service Desk portal

Edit and setup the layout these pages using the Layout Editor. The content is added via Modules in the Layout. 

Learn more about the Layout Editor

Navigation options

On each site you create there will be a top navigation. This navigation is used to navigate the Site and can either be in a breadcrumb format or a drop-down format. 

Example drop-down

Example breadcrumb

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