For more info on the 2.1 release, please read the 2.1.0 release notes
Download Refined for JIRA Service Desk 2.1.8
Server Data Center

Translations for JSD app works

In this version we have addressed an issue where the external app Translations for JSD didn't function properly. 

Signup page now themed when accessed through mail. 

If Refined theming is globally activated and someone navigates through mail for signup, the signup page is now themed with the global theme.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the theme preview in the theme editor. 
  • If no configuration regarding confluence pages or questions is made to the knowledge base module, it now fallbacks to pages.
  • Custom Request type module icons are now resized appropriately depending on icon size setting for Request Types module
  • Fixed an issue when search query included a percent character (%)
  • Shows an error message if upload attachments fail

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