Customizing an entire Confluence might seem like a daunting task, but rest assured, we're keeping things simple so that you can enhance your Confluence with ease. Refined is designed and created in such a way that both technical and non-technical users can use it. Here we take you through 7 simple steps to setting up Refined for your Confluence instance: 

Install Refined in the Confluence administration section. 

Activate Refined as the Global theme

Go to Refined Administration > and click "Activate Refined as the Global Theme"

Set up your Site and Category Structure
Go to the Site Builder tab to set up your site, category, and space structure as well as the navigation menus.
For a more in-depth guide to how to set up your site and category structure, visit our tutorial: How to Set up Site Navigation and Structure

Before you set up your Sites it's good practice to have a clear idea of the Site Structure you're after.

With sites and categories added your Confluence will look something like this:

Learn more about how to set up your Site and Category Structure here:

Setting up a site in Refined

Create and apply your theme or themes

The next step is to apply your theme to match your team or company brand and style.

Go to the Themes tab (or Settings cog > Refined Administration), and select a theme from our bundle of ready-to-go themes or alternatively alternatively create a theme from scratch by clicking Create Theme.

When you have a feel for your theme, edit it to fit your needs. Didn’t like that white menu? Make it transparent or dark grey. Want to use your own image? Upload an image as the background. Watch this video for an example of a theme creation. For careful guidance see our step by step guide to creating a theme using the Theme Editor.

Build your site and category content and layout

Begin by adding content to your global site home using the inbuilt layout editor. The global site home is the start site and first point of entry for Confluence users (unless you manually choose a site beneath the global site as the start site for that user).

Click the three dot button to open up the content layout editor.

Add sections to build up your layout and then add relevant modules to that section.

Customize Spaces and Space Layouts

If you already have spaces in your site, or if they are uncategorized, make sure to add them to a category. This can be done in the Site Builder.

If you don't already have spaces in your site (if starting from scratch with Refined and Confluence) visit our documentation on Space Layouts.

We suggest ticking off the following areas when using the extended Space features that come with Refined:

  • Space layout - Decide what you want to show/hide
  • Space layout - Set the layout for your global, default and custom templates
  • Space users - Set the permissions on your space

Go to a space and click the drop down next to the Space Title to see the Space Menu.

Click the Space Layout to control what you show/hide on the space including: Likes/Comments, Edit menu (Watch, Star, Edit), Header, Footer.

Click the Space Layout to control the layout of your space and to create custom templates for different types of spaces.

Last but not least, customize the Footer section by editing it directly at the bottom of your instance, or via Refined Adminstration > Navigation > Footer. Add links, news, brand logo, html modules and more. 

You should now be up and running! But the features don't end there. We've included a number of bonus steps below to fine tune your Confluence instance.

Bonus Steps

Highlight users responsible for the content in different areas of your instance by adding a user module to a site or category home: Users in category, User Details or Users. You can manage which users are assigned to which category in the category or site home editor. (...) > Manager users > Add user group or individual users. On a space level, add users on the left hand side menu. (Note: This is not a permissions feature).

Use Confluence Blogposts to communicate news and highlights from your Confluence instance either internally or for the public. Create your own dedicated Blog Space and put it in a Blog Portal to render it as a standalone news outlet. 

Each category can have its own dashboard known as a category home with the same powerful customization as the main site home. You can add a search module to a category home and restrict the search to only content within that category.

Welcome to your customized, themed and easy to navigate Confluence instance! If you have any troubles remember you can contact support

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