Go to: Theme Configuration > Themes > Advanced Themes


Advanced themes are themes that you code yourself. These are only recommended for professional front-end developers. Please check out the Theme Editor before you decide to develop an Advanced Theme. We do not offer support for Advanced Themes. 

 You can add HTML and velocity to the top section and bottom section. 

Use Velocity macros to include RefinedTheme components. Stylesheets and scripts can also be added to an advanced theme. 


Develop with your favourite editor

We recommended using this method to develop Advanced Themes.


  • You can use the development environment of your choice. 
  • You can use any source code management systems.
  • You can use SASS or any other CSS or JS library.

Develop with IDE

Develop using the built in Code Editor

Deprecation warning: The built in code editor will be removed in upcoming versions of RefinedTheme.

With the web based code editor included in RefinedTheme you can edit your themes direct from Confluence. 

Develop with code editor