Announcements can be used to communicate important information to your users. You can show announcements globally or on a specific site, category or space. Announcement banners have three different types: warning, alert and info.

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What are announcement banners?

Announcement banners are banners displayed at the top of your customer facing pages to display important messages and information. When used correctly, this is an efficient way to communicate important impacts to customers and users. 

Who can add announcement banners?

Any user with site admin permissions can add an announcement banner.

How to add an announcement 

An announcement has the following settings. 

MessageThe message of your announcement.
LocationAdd announcement to: all sites, a site, a category, a space or the login page.
PublishedCheck this to make the announcement show up, consider it a draft when it is not checked.
CloseableCheck this to make it possible for users to discard banners as they have seen the information. A closed banner is per browser.
Typewarning, alert, info - icon and color will change as you make your announcement a type

Go to Refined Administration: Config menu > Refined Administration

Click on the "Announcement" menu item

Click the "Create Announcement" banner and fill in the form

Copy, edit, delete

An announcement banner can be copied meaning that a new announcement will be created with the same information. This comes in handy when you have updates to an existing announcement, but users may have closed it down. Make a copy and delete the old one to push the message again. 

Edit an announcement for any of the settings. 

A deleted announcement is gone forever, but it makes your list of announcements neater. 

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