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Your blog site can be accessed through: YOUR_DOMAIN.com/blog

A blog is a space that only shows blog posts. Blogs can be displayed on a Site or Category home using the News module. With Refined you can have a stand alone themed Blog Site.

Blogs are created through the Create Space icon or from the Blog Site.

This page contains:

Configuring the Blog Site

In the Site Builder you can:

  • Enable or disable the Blog Site 
  • Add the Blog Site Name 
  • Theme your Blog Site 
  • Organize your blog spaces into the Blog Site 
  • Click to view the blog. 

Creating a blog or blogs

There are two main ways of creating blogs in Refined. 

  1. Directly on the Blog Site
  2. On your Main Site/s 

Creating a blog on the Blog Site

From the Blog Site you can Create your first blog. 

Add your blog categories (blog spaces). These are a way of organizing your blogs into blog topics. 

Create your blog post within the blog category by clicking the Plus button in the top right corner.

Click the speaker button if you wish for this blog post to display on the Site Home (dashboard).

Creating a blog on the Main Site

This is useful if you wish to have news or blogs targeted to a category. 

Add a blog space by adding a space, then selecting "Blog".

You will then be asked to choose a home on your Site for the blog space to live on.

  • Blog Site means you want to add this blog space to the Blog Site.
  • Main Site means you only want the blog space and blog posts to display on the selected category home using the news module (and not on the Blog Site).
  • You can also re-arrange your blog spaces in the Site Builder.

Create your blog post within the blog category space by clicking the Create button in the bottom right hand corner.

You can always create a blog post in the category and click the news icon to display the post on the site home. 

The Blog Space will now be available (by default) in the dropdown menu for that category.

You can also open up the layout editor to configure the News Module settings to display the blog post on the category site home.


News System

Under the Theme Configuration Tab you can enable or disable the News system. When enabled you can add blog posts to the news feed by simply clicking the news button. This will signal for the post to display in the News Module