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Why should I enable caching?

In short you’ll get the following benefits when enabling the RefinedWiki cache:

  • Fewer server requests
  • Faster resource load times
  • Great potential performance gain for large instances
  • Smoother end user experience
  • Always up to date

If you have a large instance with a lot of spaces, a large amount of simultaneously active users or just want to speed things up by minimizing the load on your server, you should consider caching the RefinedWiki resources. 

Caching a resource will enable it to be saved locally for a user after being fetched the first time. This means a near-instant load time when the user access that resource henceforth. It also means that the request for that resource won’t have to be fired to the server.  

How it works

A small cache object is made available in the beginning of each page load, checking if the cached resources are up to date or if the administrator has made any changes to the cache management settings. This way the resources are still kept updated at all times. 

If a resource is cached the user will read it locally without having to make any server requests. The resources are stored using the standardised Web Storage API, allowing for fast and efficient use across all major browsers.  

Browser support

The cache system will work with all supported browsers and versions. These can be found here: Supported platforms. The Cache Management system is built with Web Storage and more specifics about browser support can be seen here: http://caniuse.com/#feat=namevalue-storage.

Cachable resources

Resource APIDescriptionUsed by

Represents the categories used as the global navigation in Original Theme. If your instance has categories containing a large amount of spaces and/or subcategories there's a lot to gain on caching this resource.

Categories, Spaces in categories macro, Space Directory

FooterRepresents the footer and all of its content. As the footer is included on all pages this resource will be fetched on all page requests if it's not cached.Footer
Global MenuRepresents the Global menu, previously called the Top Menu. This includes the sidebar included from Original Theme 4.0. If you are using the sidebar menu, the request will be made on every page load, as with the footer, if the resource isn't cached.

Global Menu

User Category

Represents all requests associated with the functionality of linking users to Original Theme categories. This also includes the roles defined for users linked to a category. Introduced in 4.2.

Connecting Users to Categories and Spaces
UsersRepresents User-related requests made by user-related macros by RefinedWiki.

User Details macro, Users Macro