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What are Categories?

Categories are a level of organization structure above spaces. Spaces can be organized into categories, and categories can be organized into a site (and Confluence with Refined can have multiple sites).  

The drop down category menu and category home make navigating to useful content easy. By organizing content on category homes and spaces, and adding links and users to categories users can find what they are looking for in an efficient way. 

Creating Categories

Create categories and build the structure of your categories in the Site Builder. Find more information on creating categories in the Site Builder or visit the Categories

Category Menu

The category menu is the main way to navigate each site. The menu is based on the content structure created in the Categories. It's possible to add a Category Module, a Blog module or an HTML module to a dropdown category.

On the Navigation tab in the admin section you can configure the category menu settings. Visit Categories to learn about the Category Menu settings. 

Category Homes

Each category in your category menu can have its own dashboard home to aggregate content, to provide quick links, to navigate to important content within the category. Think of the category home as a landing page for the category.

Visit Site Home & Category Homefor more on creating your category layout.

Alternatively, watch the step-by-step video tutorial on Making a category home customized

Category Settings 

Configure individual category themes, users connected to a category, custom urls, category administrators, and manual category permissions from the Edit Menu in the Site Builder. 

Go to: Refined Administration >Site Builder > Category settings cog > Edit Category

Enable and disable category and subcategory homes

The category, and subcategory home feature can be turned on or off. It it is off, the drop down menu will still show but will not link to the category home. 

Go to: Site Builder > Scroll to X Category > Settings Cog > Edit Category > Select Disable Category Home > Save

Apply themes to categories, and sub-categories (in 6.1)

Using Refined, you can set different themes on different categories. This is useful to make the user experience of the site visually showing where a user is, and make the look match the content. 

Themes can be applied globally, on sites, on categories, and from 6.1 you can apply different themes to different sub-categories as well. 

Category admins

When editing or creating a new category there is an option to add users as category admins. These users will be able to edit the category dashboard, as well as manage users and roles connected to the category. They will always be able to see the category, but not necessarily all the subcategories in that category. Keep in mind, space permissions hold their effect so category admins cannot see spaces or subcategories restricted to them. 

Manual Category Permissions

Standard permissions behaviour is that a user can view a category when that user has permission to view a space inside the category.

The members of the group confluence-administrators can view all categories.

The manual category permission option allows admins to manually set permissions on categories which will improve the performance for large instances. Manual category permissions do not affect space permissions, only viewing of categories.

To change the default setting and manually add permissions to categories:

Go to: Refined Administration > Configuration > Category > Check Use manual category permissions > Save

Note: Manual category permissions are applied to all sites and all categories of your Confluence.

Apply the permissions manually to your categories in the Site Builder:

Go to: Refined Administration >Site Builder > Settings Cog for Category you want to add permissions to > Edit Category > Select relevant View Permission > Save.

Any category that does not have a manual category permission set will be marked with a warning. If a category have uninitiated permissions the category will only be viewable by confluence-administrators in the category menu of the site. All categories that have permissions are marked with a padlock symbol.

Category Users

Category Users is a way to show what users are connected to certain categories. This functionality is not related to any permissions nor does it decide what users sees what, but is a neat way to shine light on your organization to show users who to contact for specific things. 

Category users can either be setup from the site menu, from the Category Home, or in the Site Builder. Learn how to connect users to categories.