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Imaging making every page as engaging and neat looking as your site and category homes. Using the Content Layout macro this is possible. The Content Layout macro gives you a layout editor where you can add any of the Modules shipped in RefinedTheme.

On this page

This macro is available in version 6.1 and going forward.

Known limitations

Change name of page, images are lost

There is a known issue that when a page gets a change of names, the images go missing. Currently there is no good way for us to solve this, we do however have a suggested workaround. 

Workaround to avoid issue


Add your images to the space home. Get the URL for the images, then use this to get the images into the modules of the Content Layout macro. 

Macro setup

Content Layout

Macro key: rw-content-layout

Macro body: None.

Promoted: Pages, blogs

Using the Content Layout macro

Usage note

This macro is intended for pages where you want to highlight content and make navigation easier for users.

While the macro is added to a page, but edited via the page itself and not in the regular page editor.

To add the Content Layout macro to a page

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Find and select the Content Layout macro.

To edit the Content Layout macro on a page

  1. Add the macro to a page
  2. Save the page. 
  3. Click the button to start editing your content or if it already contains content, use the pen in the upper, right corner. 

When first added to a page

When editing on a page

Anyone that can edit a page, can edit the Content Layout macro.



This macro is a special one. You add it to a page but it does not have any parameters. 


Learn more about this macro in our tutorial: Tutorial: Working with the Content Layout macro.


This is a live demo of the Content Layout macro in action. 

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