Refined has built in language support for English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish and Dutch. It is possible to create and include your own translation by following the below steps:

Refined does not officially support including custom translations. When updating Refined, the below steps must be repeated again.

Translate the properties file

Download properties file

The properties file contains all text introduced by Refined. Download that file, open it in a text editor and replace the English text with your own translation. For example, if you want to create a Swedish translation for Refined, it could look like this:

Original file

... = Save = Delete = Edit



Translated file

... = Spara = Ta bort = Editera


When you are done, save the file as "", where ll and CC are locale extensions for your language and country. You can refer to how the files at Atlassian Translations are named for your country. For swedish, it should therefore be named  Make sure the file is saved in UTF-8 format.

(For more information about locale extensions see this link about language codes and this link about country codes)

Add the properties file to the plugin jar file

You now need to place this file inside the plugin jar file. Download the latest version of originaltheme from atlassian marketplace. Place the properties file inside the originaltheme/properties folder in the jar file. There are many ways this can be done, if you are using Mac or Linux, you could do the following:

Make sure your properties file and the plugin jar file (refinedwiki-original-theme.x.x.x.jar) is in the same folder. Open up a terminal, go to that folder and type:

mkdir -p originaltheme/properties
mv originaltheme/properties
zip -g refinedwiki-original-theme-x.x.x.jar originaltheme/properties/

If you are using windows, you could change the file extension from jar to zip, and place the properties file in the correct location using the windows explorer.

Upload the new plugin file

When you are done, simply upload the modified jar-file to your instance. Don't forget to repeat these steps when updating Refined.

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