Go to: Browse > Theme Configuration > Navigation > Footer section and click the manage footer button.

The footer feature allows you to create a good looking footer in no time. Add links to pages inside your wiki or to external sites. 

ColumnDescriptionAvailable in theme version
LogoShows the confluence instance logo in its own column.3.5
LinksAdd links inside your wiki or to external sites. Customize the links by chosing icons and view permissions.3.5
BlogsAdd a blog column to display blogs & news from specified spaces or from the entire instance. Alternatively, display blogs from the Blog Portal.4.0
Custom HTML

Here you can add any custom HTML as its own column. This can for example be useful if you want to insert widgets.


While we support that any HTML you put in the footer will be rendered, we do not support the actual HTML itself.

QuestionsThe Questions-module is only available when you have Confluence Questions installed. It will display Questions created with Confluence Questions in a similar way as in the Questions list macro.5.0


Default Message: 

Powered by Atlassian Confluence $confluenceVersion, themed by RefinedTheme $refinedThemeVersion


Use variables:

$confluenceVersionWill display the Confluence version.
$refinedThemeVersionWill display the RefinedTheme version.