Alternative 1

I can't delete a category in the Site Builder. 

Alternative 2

I can't find a space in the Site Builder. 


In Version 6.1.4 there was a change so that if you are a Confluence administrator and you go to the Site Builder, you will not be able to delete a category that contains spaces or links (alternative 1). 

Prior to 6.1.4 you could delete the category, but the category would not show up in the Site Builder (alternative 2)


Alternative 1

If you can't delete a category, you need to find out what space is in the category and then either add yourself as an admin to it (and it will show up in the Site Builder, you can move it to uncategorized and you can then delete the category). 

If this is not an option for you, please contact or support(at) and we'll help you out. 

Alternative 2

If you can't find the space in the Site Builder, this may have been cause by several reasons (and we are working on a fix for this for the next minor version). 

To fix it:

  1. In the Site Builder, add a temporary category. 
  2. Go to the space. 
  3. In the space menu next to the space name, choose "Change Category". If you can't see this, please make sure you're a space admin to the space. 
  4. Put the space in the temporary category. 
  5. Go to the Site Builder. 
  6. Drag the space to the Uncategorized box. 
  7. Delete the category. 

Please contact us if this is not an option for you.

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