Refined comes with a handy keyboard shortcut menu, and it also supports all Confluence shortcuts, learn more below.

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Keyboard navigation menu

Press n to show the keyboard navigation menu, use the arrows to navigate to an option and release to execute your choice. The keyboard navigation menu is adjusting itself depending on what kind of content the user is currently viewing.

Included options

  1. Site Home
  2. Category menu
  3. Sidebar
  4. My Work
  5. Activity stream 
  6. Search
  7. Blog and blogposts

This functionality is available for version 3.3 and above. 

All keyboard shortcuts 



Theme version 


From 5.0.5: Atlassian shortcut to 'Save for later'.
View a page or blog post in full screen mode.


Changed: 5.0.5


From 5.0.5: Go to page attachments

View attachments without leaving the page or blog post.


Changed: 5.0.5


Access the quick search function. ( In some browsers you have to type ctrl / )


F (shift + f)

From 5.0.5: Toggle fullscreen

Access your favorite content.


M (shift +m)Show MyWork (recently visited, worked on and favourite pages & spaces)5.0.5


Show / hide the left column.



Tap n to activate the key navigation of the category menu, navigate left and right with the arrows. Press down to open a category drop down menu.

If you press n the keyboard navigation menu will appear. (Included in version 3.3)

3.0 (3.3)
pOpen the top menu.3.0
A (shift + a)Access the activity stream.3.1

Confluence keyboard shortcuts

Do you want a different highlight colour?

From Refined 5.1 you can use the theme editor to set the colour of your keyboard shortcuts highlight colour. Open your theme in the editor, and navigate to EXTRAS. At the bottom of the right pane you'll find the setting.