RefinedTheme comes with a loads of great functionality bundled in good-looking macros. You'll find them as subpages to this page. Any macros involving Atlassian or third-party add-ons like the Team Calendars macro can be found under Third-party Integrations. The macro documentation contains some terms that are described more in depth below.

Macro Documentation Lingo

Macro Name - The user friendly name of the macro

Macro key: This key can be used to identify the macro in the macro browser or when building custom solutions using wiki markup.

Macro body: Informs if the macro has a body or not. Body macros contain a body area where content can be entered in the editor.

Promoted: Lists if the macro is available in the "suggested macros" list when adding items in the Space layout editor or dashboard editor.

A note on Placeholders

Placeholders are special values for macro parameters that will translate upon render. Some macros have their own placeholders for certain parameters. For example the Activity Stream has a placeholder @self for its Spaces parameter which will translate to the current space key upon render. All macros with custom placeholder implementations will work independent on where the macro is placed. 

If placed on a Space Layout or on a Dashboard however, any macro (including Atlassian and third-party macros) can take advantage of the Layout placeholders. In the same way these will be translated depending on their function upon render of a Space layout or dashboard. 

RefinedTheme Macros