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The Navigation tab is where you configure settings for the Global Site including the Category menu, Global Menu and the Global Footer. 

Disable site home link is a link to remove the Site Home Link in the category menu. By default the Site Logo will also link to the Site Home.  

There are three different ways to display the drop down category menu: Dynamic, Multi or Single Column.

Click and Hover

Check this box if you want the Category Menu drop downs to automatically open on hover once a drop down menu has been clicked. 

Note: Loading a category drop down is a big operation for the server if front-end caching is not activated. Hence we always recommend using this settings together with front-end caching.

Choose your preferred way to display logos and icons in the category dropdown menus. You can choose to show icons or images, or nothing at all.

Learn more in the in-product help. 

Sidebar Layout Option:

Header Layout Option:

Choose between an always open, always closed or responsive (open or closed depending on your browser width) global sidebar menu. 

Tip! You can change the colour of the global menu in the Theme Editor under Extras > Sidebar > Theme

Go to: Navigation > Global Menu > Manage Global Menu

You can add your own menu items. E.g. create a link to one of your external systems. You can decide which of the default items you want to be visible. By default you will have "My Work", "Activity Stream" and "Blog" in the Global Menu.

Adding Custom Items: Click Add to configure a custom Name, Icon, URL and permissions to your item. 

Sorting: You can sort items by dragging them in to a new position.

Go to: Site Builder > Settings Cog on X Site > Edit Site

This will take you to a child page for the Site within the Site Builder. Here you can Configure the site name, URL suffix, site logo, switcher settings, site view permissions, site theme, and assign this Site as a Start site for X users or user groups. If you scroll down, you will see the Navigation Settings for the Category Menu and Site Footer. 

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