Navigation Cards

Navigation Cards is a module introduced to add the possibility to have navigation via beautiful images to facilitate the user's experience to the page. 

One Navigation Cards module holds several Navigation items as cards. 

 This module is introduced in version 7.x and thus not available in version prior to this. 

On this page

Adding Navigation Cards to a Layout

Click the edit pen in the top right corner of the page, to open up the layout editor on the pages.

Click to Add module to the section where you want to add the module. You can easily drag and drop the module to a different position later. 

First add the Navigation Card module, then add the navigation cards one by one. 

Set the image, the Primary text and the URL (and any other settings you'd like). 

For each card you want to add, repeat the process. 

Save the module, then publish the layout - or click preview to review before going public. 

Highlighted features

This module will help you create clear and concise ways of helping the user navigate to the right place using 

  • a representative image
  • the URL
  • a text or title
  • No labels