Navigation Image

The Navigation Image is a variation of Navigation Icon, with the difference that this is image focused - no text can be added. 

Use it to display images or as a clickable navigation tool. 

On this page

Adding Navigation Icon to a Layout

Click the edit pen in the top right corner of the page, to open up the layout editor on the pages.

Click to Add module to the section where you want to add the module. You can easily drag and drop the module to a different position later. 

Edit the settings to your preference.

Navigation Images usually work best when there is more than one icon on the row in a section.

Click the Add Column button on a section in the Layout Editor to include more columns. Then Add module and choose Navigation Icon again.

Save the module, then publish the layout - or click preview to review before going public. 

Highlighted features

The Navigation Image module can be setup with an image or an icon, and a title. You can also change how the image appears as well as its size. When you add a URL to the module the entire module becomes clickable, which makes this perfect for either displaying images or to use it as a navigation tool. 

For images you can set the way they are displayed - circle, square, rectangle, original - as well as their size - x-small, small, medium, or large or if you want it in black-and-white - monochromatic.

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