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Questions on Sites

How can we set a landing page (start site) for users or user groups?

If you have several sites in your Confluence, you can set what user groups starts as what page as their landing page. 

Setting the start site for user groups

  1. Go to the Site Builder
  2. Open up the settings cog on the Site you wish to make the Start Site
  3. Enter the user groups you wish to see this start site 
  4. SAVE. 

We have a tutorial with step by step instructions for this here: Different users, different start sites

Is there a way to completely remove the "main" dashboard?

While you can hide the main dashboard, it can't be completely removed (for instance, if you have a site logo, clicking this will take you to the main dashboard at the URL ending with /dashboard.action). You can redirect users in user groups to different sites to guide them to the preferred place by following the steps in this tutorial: Different users, different start sites

Yes you can bypass the main dashboard (global site home) by editing the site you wish to be the preferred entry site in the site builder and specifying the users you wish to enter on that site. See How can we set a landing page for a more detailed answer. 

Can you have a private site and a public facing site in the one Confluence instance?

Yes you can, but this depends on setting up Confluence space permissions and the site permissions. Please note: We are not adding any extra permission levels to spaces.

Can a space live in more than one site ?

Unfortunately not. A space can only be in on category or site. You can however have links to a space that lives in another category or site, but the user will be directed to that category or site context. An option is to copy the space and paste the contents as a new space in a different site. Otherwise, the space could be created as a Single Space Site and can be accessible from the hamburger drop down site menu. Learn more here: New in 6.X - Refined for Confluence FAQs

Won't using a hamburger styled menu be confused with the app navigator? 

We believe it won't. The hamburger drop down menu can be used to switch between sites, and to switch between application links. In the image below, the links above the line are internal sites, and the link below the line (service desk) is an application link. 

Is it possible to switch between applications such as Jira, Bitbucket and other applications with the new (hamburger) menu?

Yes. The Site (hamburger) menu combines the application menu for swift navigation between both sites and applications. 

Are there any plans to automate the structuring of sites/categories/spaces?

There's is a small set of APIs available (find them here: New in 6.X - Refined for Confluence FAQs). Some are frontend(JavaScript) to hook in to certain events and others are REST calls that we documented. We also have some information putting spaces in a category. But generally there's nothing in the pipeline for public APIs at this time. We give our Partners access to additional APIs, however we do not provide support to these kind of advanced technical fixes. 

Questions on Theming

What does Global Theme mean?

Themes can be assigned globally, on a site, on a category or on subcategory. The Global Theme is the theme that will be the default theme for all your Sites and Categories unless you manually edit and change the themes for those pages in the Site Builder. 

You set either default Confluence theme or Refined as your global theme in General Configuration > LOOK AND FEEL > Themes. 

When Refined is set, you set the design (the actual theme you want) in Theme Configuration > Main page. 

Will you have other themes available in your app?

Currently we have five ready-to-go themes included in the product, plus three ready-to-go blog themes. We hope to provide more ready to go themes in the app in future, however a big tip for easily creating a theme for your company is to use one of the ready-to-go themes, copy the theme, and then edit it to fit your team design and branding. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on copying a theme and applying it

Screenshot 2018-05-15 11.05.16.png

Is it possible to theme on a subcategory level?

Yes. Theming is available on a space, subcategory, category and site level. 

Is it possible for admins to create their own icons?

Admins can create their own icons and upload them as an image and/or add images using a url link from the web. 

Questions on Search Functionality

Will you be able to limit a search to a site as well as a category?

Yes you can restrict search to a category and a site level by adding a search module to a site home or a category home. The global search bar in the top right corner will always be global.

Does CQL now support sites and categories? 

Yes, it is supported for both. Use refinedSite to filter on a site and refinedCategory to filter on a category.

For example, when you will get all pages from a site (with id 123):  "type = page and refinedSite = 123". Learn more here: New in 6.X - Refined for Confluence FAQs

Questions on inbuilt features

How does the News Module and Blog functionality work?

Refined for Confluence Server comes with a Blog Site whereby you can create a visual blog experience. This is configured in the Site Builder. In addition to this, blog posts can be displayed visually in a news feed, using the content module called New in 6.X - Refined for Confluence FAQs on a site or category home, or the New in 6.X - Refined for Confluence FAQs-macro on pages and New in 6.X - Refined for Confluence FAQs. This displays a feed of news in a really neat way. You can read more about the Blog Site and blog functionality here: New in 6.X - Refined for Confluence FAQs

Is there a module to show @mentions assigned to a person?

There is a my work module to show the most recent work a user has been doing. But there is no no module for @mentions. However you can see your @mentions on the global navigation bar. 

Is it possible to add colors to the background of titles in content modules? E.g., News module title?

This is not possible in our settings. CSS customizations are available but CSS code is not supported by us. 

Other Questions

Do we have documentation for the developer for Refined for Confluence?

Yes. You can find it here: New in 6.X - Refined for Confluence FAQs

Is there an option to change the Create behaviour back to the way it was?

No. We made a carefully considered decision to move the create behaviour for the benefit of users. We want to have a more solid create experience through out the whole site. We also want to make it possible to create more visual landing pages (the previous version took up a lot of space by the menu bar). 

As we see it, the benefits of the new button are:

  • A user can access it no matter where they are including when they scroll down the page. 
  • A user can create a space no matter where they are. 
  • The design pattern allow us to extend it with new entities in the future.
  • It match modern create experiences. For example google is using similar behaviour. 

One of the downsides with the old button was that it could be hidden behind the menu if the customer was using the collapsed mode of the menu banner.

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