Search modules are good for when you want to present a way for your users to easily find information in Confluence. 

The Search Modules allow you to search content on Confluence, whether it be on a space, a site or your entire Confluence. 

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Available Search modules

Search Highlight

Search Highlight gets you a search bar with a neat background. 

Search gets you a search bar on a the background where it is placed. 

Simple and Advanced Search

Using the search modules you have the option of either doing a simple filter based on space or label, or to create your own filter using Atlassians CQL. 

Simple/basic filter

In the basic filter you can enter a space key or a label to filter the results you get. 


Set the current space with the $spacekey Text Variable.

Advanced filter

Using Atlassians Confluence Query language CQL you can adjust the result in your search to whatever you want it to, whether it is a date stamp, a content search or extending the search to include specific spaces. 


Do a complete content search using the CQL: text ~"*$query*"

Do a complete content search on the space using the CQL: text ~"*$query*" and space.key=$spacekey


Search confluence for users

siteSearch ~ "$query*" and type = user

Search my mentions

siteSearch ~ "$query*" and mention = currentUser()


Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output.

Refer to Search Module and Search Highlight Module for more information. 

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