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What are Sites? 

A site is a Confluence Site. Sites adds a level of organization above spaces and categories. Spaces can be organized into Categories that can be organized into Sites. In RefinedTheme we don't limit Confluence to only one Confluence Site, we offer the possibility of having multiple Sites in the one Confluence instance. 

Building a Site

Build the structure of your Site or Sites using the Site Builder. Find more information on the Site Builder here and/or our tutorial to Create your Site Navigation and Structure using the Site Builder

Creating Site Home Content (Dashboard)

Add visual content to your site home(s) using the inbuilt layout editor. Using the editor you can add content sections and content modules to those sections. Learn more about Editing your Site home and adding visual content

Full Site and Single Space Site

Learn about full and single space sites here

Out of the box Global Site

As a default out of the box, you will have one Global Site. Add more Sites in the Site Builder.

Configure the Global Site name and default theme under the Configuration tab. 

Navigation Settings for Sites

Build your Site navigation and structure using the Site Builder.

Configure the Global Site navigation settings under the Navigation tab. 

In the Navigation tab you can configure the Global Site category menu settings, the Global Site menu settings and the Global Site footer and it's settings.

Navigating and Configuring Additional Sites

Configuring the Theme, Navigation and Footer for additional Sites. 

Configuring the Start Site

You can configure the Start Site in your Confluence, so that certain users get certain start sites. E.g., The London Office could be directed to the Paris Office Users directly.

Click the settings cog on a Site in the Site builder > Edit Site. 

Then specify the user groups you want to see this Site as the Start Site. 

Navigation between sites - the Site Switcher

On each site you can make a setting to include the Site in the Site Switcher, and to set whether the Site should show the Site Switcher or not. 

For any user they navigate between the Sites using the Site Switcher (the hamburger menu) in the top left hand corner. 

Tip! You can also add application links to the Site menu for quick navigation. You can see an example of this in the screenshot above.

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