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Sites are containers for categories and spaces, and make up an area of your Confluence. One Confluence instance can have several Refined Sites to it, and each Refined Site can work as an independent part of your Confluence with its own top menu, theme and structure.

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What are Sites? 

A site is an area of Confluence. Sites adds a level of organization above spaces and categories. Your Confluence Spaces can be organized into Categories that can be organized into Sites. In Refined we don't limit Confluence to only one Confluence Site, we offer the possibility of having multiple Sites in the one Confluence instance. 

Building a Site

Build the structure of your Site or Sites using the Site Builder. Find more information on the Site Builder and/or our tutorial to Create your Site Navigation and Structure using the Site Builder

Setting up your Site Home with Content (Dashboard)

Each Site will have its own landing page called the Site Home.

Add visual content to your site home(s) using the inbuilt Layout Editor. Using the editor you can add content sections and content modules to those sections. Learn more about Editing your Site home and adding visual content

Out of the box Global Site

As a default out of the box, you will have one Global Site. You can choose to run Refined with the global site running the Refined theme, or with the global site running default Confluence theme and then add another site that runs Refined. Learn how to add more Sites here: Add more sites to your Confluence.

Configure the Global Site name and default theme under the Configuration tab. 

Full Site and Single Space Site

When you add a site to your Refined setup, you can choose between a Full Site or a Single Space site. 

Full Site

A Full Site, is the most common choice, and enables you to fit out a whole site with spaces, categories and theming on a site. It will also have its own Site home. 

A full site will has its own URL and if you choose to hide the Site Switcher in the top left corner, you can create an independent Site within your Confluence, for instance adding a collaboration area to your technical documentation.

Single Space Site

Single Space Site is for those who want a stand alone site that holds just one space. A Single Space Site will not have a category/top navigation menu, and will not have its own Site Home, instead it will have the navigation in the side bar and the Space Home as its landing page. 

This setting makes it possible to set a theme on a single space site with one space in it, and keep the rest of Confluence as the default Confluence. 

Navigation Settings for Sites

The navigation of a Site consists of three elements:

  • The category menu - the top navigation menu to a Full Site
  • The footer - the footer of the site
  • The global menu - the menu to the right (this can also be configured as a header menu)

You edit the navigation globally in the Navigation tab. For the footer you can either setup the global one and have that be on all sites, or make separate settings for each site. 

The Category Menu

The Category Menu is what holds your spaces and acts as the main navigation for the Global Site or a Full Site. You can configure how you want the menu to act an look in the Navigation tab, whereas you add content to it in the Site Builder. 


Within the Global Site or Independent Sites, you can configure the top menu - the Category Menu. On each Site, the categories will be directly accessible from a drop down category menu. In the category section of the site builder you can create new category modules, subcategories for existing categories and custom links to internal or external resources.

Create categories in each site and drag the relevant spaces to the categories.  

To change the theme and connect users to categories, disable category homes and configure other category settings click the settings cog on the Category you want to edit. 

Category Settings

In the Site Builder you can add Categories and Subcategories to your Sites, then add Spaces to each of them. 

Learn more about Categories

The Global Menu

The Global Menu can be configured as a sidebar or a header. This menu holds item that are global, for instance the Space and People Directories and is a way to navigate your Confluence.

Learn more about the Global Menu

The Global Footer

For the Footer settings made here will apply to all of the Sites unless you specifically set it on an individual Site. 

Learn more about the Footer

Navigation and Configuration for Additional Sites

Configuring the Theme, Navigation and Footer for additional Sites, there are a few things to consider. 

Working with Multiple Sites on one Confluence

Some tips and tricks when working

Moving multiple content entries

In the Site Builder it's possible to drag and drop multiple items at once. To move multiple spaces, blogs or links between categories or from the uncategorized spaces container, you can use the keyboard to make selections. For Mac users, hold down the cmd-key while clicking on spaces or links to select them. Windows users can hold down the ctrl-key instead. On both operating systems, you can press the shift-key while selecting two spaces or links, which will result in all the items in between them being selected as well.

Using Command/Control key: 

Using Shift key:

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