About the Space Layout

A Space Layout is what surrounds the pages of a space. By setting up different Space Layouts you can customize what the users sees on the space and adapt it for different scenarios.

You can change the space layout on a global level and on individual spaces, and you can also make templates to reuse on several spaces.

Go to: Cog > Refined Administration > Layout to edit the global space layout or the templates


Go to: Space Menu on a space > Space Layout

Space Menu

On this page

Space settings

The space layout editor works in a similar way as the Site and Category Layout Editors. You can add/remove items and macros, and move them around by dragging and dropping. You can also restore the layout to a previous version or start from a predefined space type

In the space layout you can now specify settings for the space by using the checkboxes in the editor. 

Space Layout Settings Glossary
Space settingDescriptionScreenshot
Space logo

Select to display a logo (independent of the site logo).

Space Siblings

Select to add a dropdown list of spaces within the category or subcategory. This can be useful for a technical documentation use case to represent different versions.

Concealed menu layout

Select to bundle the space tools and menus, along with page information in a single inline dialog to give the pages in this space a cleaner look . See Space Types for more information.

When not concealed (default):

Non-concealed space layout

When concealed:

Concealed space menu refinedtheme confluence

Meta data

Show or hide the page meta data (who created the page, and when last modified).

LabelsShow or hide labels on pages.

LikesShow or hide like functionality for the space.


Select to allow comments on a space.

ChildrenSelect to list the children pages at the bottom of a space

BreadcrumbsUnselect this if you don't want to show Atlassian's page breadcrumbs function on a space

Changeable areas

  • Left Column
  • Header
  • Page Top
  • Page Bottom
  • Footer

Space types

The space layout editor comes bundled with some predefined Space Types.

 The space types will only modify layout settings and macros/content items. The content or structure of the space will remain unchanged. The space types works great together with Confluence space blueprints.

The bundled space types are:

Space TypeDescription
(Default)The default space type is what will be used if no custom changes are made. This type includes a page-tree macro as well as a space news macro with general settings which works great in most situations.
DocumentationThe documentation space type makes use of the Space siblings setting, making navigation between different documentations and versions easier. This type includes a space search bar to find content within a space fast.
PublicThis space type gives your space a public facing look, highlighting the page content for reading by hiding space tool menus. The page-tree is configured to give a cleaner presentation as well.
CustomYou can create your own Space Layout type and apply it to as many spaces as suit.

Edit Space Layout

Global level
Go to: Confluence Admin > Global Space Layout

Individual space level
Go to: Space Admin > Space Layout

To learn more about how to create a custom space layout visit our step by step video guide.

Listing custom space layouts

An administrator can see a list of all space layouts that have been modified. To do this go to Browse > Confluence Admin > Layouts > Spaces with custom layouts and press View

From this list the administrator can view and edit these space layouts directly.

Editing Permissions

Only confluence administrators and space admins for a space can edit the space layout. On global level, only confluence administrators can edit the layout.


Attachments uploaded when editing a space layout are uploaded to the Home page of the space. 


Setting up your Space Layout, you can make use of Placeholders to make the content aware of its context and what user is logged in. Learn more here: Space Layout