When adding modules or content to Site Homes, Category Homes or Space Layouts you can make use of Text Variables. Text variables are useful to create dynamic content and to configure modules to show content depending of its context.

Learn more about Text Variables for other Refined products here: Using Text Variables

Displaying rich content

Filter settings

Please note: Text variables only works in Modules and Macros developed by RefinedWiki.

RefinedTheme for Confluence



Introduced in version

$usernameThe username of the current logged in user.6.0
$userfullnameThe full name of the current logged in user.6.0

The first name of the current logged in user.

Note: If you have your display name as "lastname, firstname" this will not work.

$sitenameThe name of the current site.6.0
$siteidThe ID of the current site.6.0
$categorynameThe name of the current category.6.0
$categorykeyThe key of the current category.6.0
$spacenameThe name of the current space.6.0
$spacekeyThe key of the current space.6.0
$pagenameThe title/name of the page6.0
$pageidThe id of the page.6.0
$queryThe search entered by the end user, eligible for Search modules and macros6.1
$nodeId / $nodeidIf Data Center clustering is in use, will referece the current node ID. 7.0.6