Go to: Theme Configuration > Themes and click "Create Theme" or click the edit button of a bundle theme.

Anyone can create a good looking theme. No code experience required! 

If you are new to RefinedTheme, check out this tutorial on how to build a theme using the Theme Editor.

Tutorial: Theme Editor

Theme Editor features and tips

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  • Every save is saved as a version for the current theme. You can preview and restore any version.
  • You can right-click anywhere in the preview to quickly start editing that part of the Theme.
  • Many options contain a highlight circle in the top right - hovering on this will highlight what part of the theme that option configures.
  • For an ever better preview, you can enter fullscreen mode. In this mode the tools will collapse on the right hand side.

RefinedTheme version 4.2 designs.

If you're upgrading from RefinedTheme 4.2 the designs in use from that version will be migrated. See Upgrade to 5.0 for more information.