This is a quick tutorial on how to set up Sites and Categories using RefinedTheme for ConfIuence. With Sites it's possible to have an intranet, technical documentation and project collaboration use cases in the one Confluence.

The video above shows a best practice example of how to set up sites and categories in Confluence as in intranet, and below you can find a more general step by step guide to setting up Sites and Categories.


In the admin section, go to the Site Builder tab.
Site Builder Admin View

Click "Add Site" and select the type of site you wish to use.

Full site, is the most common choice, and enables you to fit out a whole site with spaces, categories and theming on a site. A single space site is for those who want a stand along site that sits within a space. It's possible to remove theming from this space site.

In this case, we will select a Full site. Hit next, enter your Site name and hit Save. You have now created your first site.

Select full or single space site

If you navigate back to Confluence you will see your site in the drop down hamburger menu.

Add Categories to your Site or Sites. You can add a Category module, a Blog module or an HTML module to a category and this will show in the category drop down menu. The Category Module is the most commonly used and with it you can organize spaces into the category.

If you navigate back to Confluence you will see your categories in the drop down category menu.

Category Menu On Display

The Site logo acts as a link to the global site home. To remove the Site Home link from the menu, navigate to the Navigation tab in the Confluence admin section and check the box to "Disable site home link".

Disable site home link

Click the category settings cog and Edit Category to manage the category name, theme, users, category admins, view permissions and add a custom URL.

Learn more about the Categories.

Create your spaces, or add the ones you already have to the relevant sites and categories. Spaces will sit in UNCATEGORIZED until the admin places them into a category.



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