For some purposes (e.g., IT project collaboration) you want to keep the default Confluence look and feel, while for others (e.g., Technical Documentation, Knowledge Base etc) you want the Refined Confluence look and feel.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Single Space Sites with Refined.
    If you want the original Confluence look and feel with just a few spaces themed with Refined excluding the categories and top navigation menu (see image below) visit this Tutorial: Keep original Confluence and use Refined on a space or spaces

  2. Single Site, Categories or Spaces with Refined.
    If you want the original Confluence look and feel while adding a Site, Category or Spaces themed with Refined and including categories and top navigation menu (see image below) read on.

Step-by-step guide: Single Site, Categories or Spaces with Refined

Setup when starting with default Confluence

In this example we have these eight spaces and we want some spaces with the Refined look and feel while others we want in their original Confluence format. Therefore will make the Product Spaces sit on a Refined Confluence Site, while the other four spaces will remain on a default Confluence Site.

Install Refined

You can find Refined on the Atlassian Marketplace or via the UPM. Make sure you get version 6.0 or higher.

When Refined is installed it is not activated. As you do not want Refined to be applied globally keep the theme unactivated (you want to theme a specific Site and their respective Spaces) and ignore the information highlighted to the right in the Theme Configuration.

Building your structure

In this scenario, we want to have one Site with the original Confluence format and other Sites and their respective category and spaces with the Refined look and feel.

Add a site

  1. To add a site, go to the Site Builder.
  2. Click to add a site.

Setup the new site

Choose the Full site option, and add your settings.


The suffix you choose is the one that will be added to the URL for the site, double-check so that it is a comprehensible one for your site.

Edit the site

Click to edit the site and add the theme of your choice. You can setup a theme of your own in the Theme Editor, do this prior to editing the site if this is what you prefer.

Other settings can be made on the site, such as footer and category menu settings. These settings are made in the site.

Add a category

Every site needs at least one category. Go back to the Site Builder and add one or more categories.

To this example, there will be two categories added.

Place the spaces in your new site

When your categories are created, mark your spaces in the panel to the right, then drag and drop them to the new site.

Check out the result!

Going from the Site Builder you can check out the result you got.

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