Introducing the Content Layout macro

Wouldn't it be neat if you could make your pages look as good as your site and category home?

Now you can!

In this tutorial you will see how to setup your pages so that they can look as engaging and cool as your site and category homes.

Start out on any page of your choice, then click to edit the page.

In the page editor, add the Content Layout Macro.

This macro is a special one, and you edit it from the page itself, not the page editor, so there is no need to make any additional settings to the macro setup.

When you've added the macro, save the page.

Click the blue button on the page to start editing.

This will open the Layout Editor.

Add a section

In order to have a place to put your content, you need to start by adding a section.

Adding structure and modules

In the Layout Editor, you can add modules to show content, and sections and columns to get the structure you want.

You can use the modules available in the Modules list.

Add your structure and modules as suits you.

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