Before upgrading to Refined for Confluence 7.0.x check your current version and follow the instructions below. The currently installed version is visible in Confluence Administration → Manage apps page.

Currently on version 6.0.0-6.1.21

Install version 7.0 through Manage apps. No additional steps are required.

Currently on version 1.0.0-5.1.19

First install version 6.1.21 from Atlassian Marketplace. After installing the version, navigate to Refined Configuration and proceed with the upgrade by clicking the upgrade button. After the upgrade has been completed, you can proceed to install version 7.0.0. This can be done directly from Confluence by going to Manage apps page.

We always recommend to upgrade your development or test instance first to make sure that everything works as expected.

When you have upgraded Refined for Confluence, advice your users to refresh their browser. Stylesheets and scripts have changed in new versions and needs to be reloaded. 

Upgrading Refined to version 7.0

  1. Make sure Refined is compatible with your Confluence instance.
  2. Make sure that your Confluence instance is fully backed up.
  3. Change the theme to the default theme. (Confluence Admin > Look and Feel > Themes)
  4. Upload Refined 7.0.x to Confluence. (Confluence Admin > Configuration > Add-ons) 
  5. Activate the theme as the current global theme in the confluence administration menu (Confluence Admin > Look and Feel > Themes).