1. Support for Confluence 5

Introducing support for Confluence 5. 

New menu layout 

With Confluence 5 we have released a new menu layout. Menu items are grouped in to global, space and content menus.


Best practice: Confluence 5.x with RefinedWiki Original Theme


Due to the brand new UI and user experience of Confluence 5, we will make more changes to the space level navigation as we go. New navigation features will be added in minor releases (3.4.x).


2. New logo layout

The global logo is always displayed in the top left section of the page. Space logos and user avatars are displayed in the menu bar. We recommend you to use quadratic space logos to make the menu bar look really good.



3. User dashboard changes

All usernames is by default redirected to the user dashboard. You can change this behavior in the user section of the Theme Configuration - the main configuration page. (Please note that this option is removed when using Confluence 5. Confluence 5 is linking all usernames to it's profile page)

The half hidden user dashboard located on the homepage of a personal space is removed. The user dashboard can always be accessed from a personal space by clicking on the avatar in the sidebar menu. 


4. Improved breadcrumbs view

Breadcrumbs are now included above the title of a page. If you click the dotted arrow you will get the whole path in a dialog. Please note that this feature is not available for the Original and Point design (They already have breadcrumbs in the header). 


5. Improved top menu layout

The top menu have got a facelift. We have also removed obsolete links to Personal space, Create space and Feed builder which all can be accessed through other menus. 


6. Bug fixes

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