Cache is king

In this release we're introducing a feature which allows you to cache the main (REST) resources of RefinedWiki Original Theme. REST responses will be stored locally in the browser using the Web Storage API. This will decrease the amount of server requests.

Confluence Data Center ready 

RefinedWiki Original Theme is now Confluence Data Center Ready. 

Create space dialog management

An administrator can decide if the space layout and space categorization dialog should be shown when creating new spaces.

An administrator can also prevent space admins from organizing spaces.

New default design

We've changed the default design to a turquoise version of the edge design.

Improved admin UI


XSS vulnerability resolved 

A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the activity stream is identified and resolved. Affected versions are RefinedWiki Original Theme 3.x - 4.0.x. We recommend you to upgrade to this version: 4.1. Fixes are also included in version 3.5.13 and version 4.0.12. 

Our thanks to Manuel Hofer (SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab) who reported the XSS vulnerability.


Risk Assessment

The cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability affect Confluence instances, including publicly available instances (that is, internet-facing servers), if the attacker is allowed to edit pages. XSS vulnerabilities potentially allow an attacker to embed their own JavaScript into a Confluence page. You can read more about XSS attacks at (

Bug fixes


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