We're excited to introduce version 6.1 of RefinedTheme. New features have been added and others improved making it easier to work with features we introduced in Version 6.0.0. In 6.1 you can reorder sites, use CQL in the search, and try out the new Content Layout Macro to create visual Confluence pages. 

Introducing the Content Layout Macro

Ever wanted to make your pages look as neat and organized as your home and landing pages?

Introducing the Content Layout Macro - The macro that makes your page look like home.

Adding a Content Layout macro is as easy as adding any macro. Once your page is saved you can start editing the macro (from the page itself), adding sections and columns for structure, and modules for navigation and content. If you are accustom to our site home and category home layout editors you'll recognize this tool.

Who can use the Content Layout macro?

Anyone that can edit a page can add/edit a Content Layout Macro. If your users are new to this editor, please have a look at this tutorial: Tutorial: Working with the Content Layout Macro to get started.

Learn more here: Content Layout Macro

Introducing Preview and Drafts for Layouts

Two common requests we've had over the years are to be able to preview changes to a site or category home layout, and save the changes as a draft. We heard you, and have now introduced Previews and Drafts for Layouts. Any changes that are made in the Edit mode of a Site home or a Category home will be saved as a draft. Using the preview button you can see exactly how your changes will work in the context of the theme.

You will also be able to see who made changes last to the draft.

Learn more here: Working with home drafts & previews

Improvements to the Site Builder

We introduced Sites to version 6.0, but to really get the full impact of this feature, we made some major improvements.

Sorting Sites

Adding a new site using the Site Builder will add the site to the bottom of the list of sites. If that is not where you want it, hit the Reorder Sites button to change the order.

Move a Category from one Site to Another

Another important feature we've added to the Site Builder is the possibility to move a category between sites. This is particularly good if you create an additional site to the global site and want to move certain categories to the new site. Before you had to recreate the category, but now you can simply drag-and-drop the category into the new site.

Collapse to get Overview

As you may be aware, you can collapse and expand categories to make the overview of the site easier to grasp. In version 6.1 you can do the same with sites to get a clear overview of your site organization.

Improvements to Modules

News Module

  • Option to show space name on blogs
  • Responsive rendering making the module adapt to a tighter area
  • Confluence vcards are shown when hovering the author

Search Module

  • Spaces shown in the search results
  • Responsive rendering making the module adapt to a tighter area
  • Option to open full search page from the search results

If you're a wiz at CQL and you want to make your search super targeted in our search modules, switch to Advanced Search Source and add your CQL of choice.

Activity Stream Module

  • An anticipated one - The user defined filters are saved
    RWOT-1204 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Responsive rendering making the module adapt to a tighter area
  • Confluence vcards are shown when hovering the author
  • The View Changes link is visible

  • Popular filter is back
    RWOT-1188 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Deprecation Warning: Advanced Theme editor will be Removed in Upcoming Versions

The RefinedTheme built-in Advanced Theme Editor will be removed in upcoming versions. Instead, to build an Advanced Theme we will refer you to the IDE upload tool. Learn more here: Advanced Theming

Major Performance Issue Resolved

In this version (as well as version 6.0.11) we have identified and resolved a performance issue and urge you to either upgrade to 6.1.0 or at least 6.0.11.

If you are still on 5.1.x, the issue is not present, but of course we would encourage you to go to newer versions as these include a lot of improvements and new features.

Other fixes

We've also done a lot of other fixes in this release. 


  • More results button at the bottom of the Search Module/Macro
  • Show Space Name under search result in Search Module/Macro


  • Updates to the footer when editing/deleting columns.
  • Scroll bars appeared on Windows and Chrome on Homes
  • Take site into consideration for Search macro (when placed on site)
  • Exit fullscreen with Esc-button
  • Improved image file name handling in modules
  • Improvement to Confluence Questions setup 
  • Translations improvements
  • Updates to filtering options in Activity Module
  • Updates to the looks of Macros
  • Made the <head> section configurable - Won't fix
    RWOT-1060 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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