Download RefinedTheme for Confluence 6.1.4

Error on installing app

In certain setups the app would display an error message ActiveObjectsInitException upon install/startup. This has been fixed in this release. 

Problem with large categories & Oracle

This release addresses an issue where using an Oracle database in combination with large category structures (with > 1000 entries) would yield a database error (ORA-0179).  

Deleting categories & Sites

Previously you could always delete categories and sites if you were a system or confluence admin. Now you cannot delete these items if they contain hidden items (links, spaces) you're not allowed to view which might be the case if you're a confluence administrator but not a system administrator. 

Other fixes

  • Fixes errors with certain translations containing special characters for spanish. 
  • Fixed a bug where advanced themes would remain 'active' if a site using it was deleted.
  • The activity stream "Favourite" filter now properly shows updates from pages if an entire space is marked favourite.
  • The 'Search for' link in Search module now properly redirects to full search even if a Text Variables like $query has been used. 
  • Categories will no longer be deletable 
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