For more info on the 6.1 release, please read the 6.1.0 release notes

Version 6.1.5 of Refined for Confluence is a bug-fix & improvements release. 

Reduced size of resource bundles

This release sees an improvement in the minification and bundling of the app client-side resources in order to reduce the total file sizes of the served resources. 

Fix for page tools menu ( ... button)

A fix is included in this release addressing the issue where the page tools menu button wasn't clickable in Internet explorer or Firefox. 

Change text colour on Navigation modules

Now you can easily change the text colour on the tree Navigation modules; Navigation Content ModuleNavigation Icon Module and Navigation Highlight Module

Other fixes

  • An issue was solved where layout drafts weren't able to be deleted some browsers
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to upload images in certain modules on certain browsers.
  • Fixed issue where a blog migration task from Refined v. 5 → v.6 might crash if the space was no longer present. 
  • Added some missing translations of text.
  • The layout editor, layout modules, theme editor have all received minor fixes and quality of life improvements.  

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