We're excited to introduce version 7.0 of Refined for Confluence. This release is packed with amazing new features, including our top voted feature request: admin delegation.

Upgrade information

In version 7.0, we’ve removed legacy upgrade tasks. If you are on a version lower than 6.1.x, read the upgrade instructions

Introducing admin delegation

We're introducing Admin Delegation to allow Confluence Administrators to grant permissions for users or user groups to configure the Refined App. We're introducing two new admin levels: 

Refined Admin

Refined admins are allowed to configure and manage everything in Refined without being a Confluence Administrator

Site Admin

Site admins are allowed to administer a site within Refined. Note: users with this admin level are not allowed to configure or manage global Refined features.

Category Admins are still available and work as before. For a detailed description of the different admin levels and permissions see Delegating admins

Introducing announcement banners

Highlight key information, post status updates or just remind the users about the upcoming kickoff! You can easily add announcement banners for any item (including spaces!) in your navigation structure. Announcement banners can be added globally, on a site level, on a category level or even on individual spaces. 

Read more about announcement banners

A fresh set of bundled themes

We've included a fresh set of bundled themes. New installations of Refined will have these bundled from the get-go! 

New create button placement

We have listened to your wishes and feedback and changed the create button placement to the top right corner.

Import and export of layouts

You can now import and export layouts of your site home and category home. Share layouts between sites or categories, or export a layout to use it as a template. 

In-App Advanced Theme-editor removed

In Refined for Confluence 6.1 we deprecated the in-app advanced theme editor which has been completely removed in 7.0. You can instead use your favourite IDE to develop Advanced Themes. Learn more here: Advanced Theming

Free consultation available on how to migrate an advanced theme to a regular theme

As our in built theme editor has significantly improved over the years, we believe that most advanced themes can be converted to a regular theme. Refined is currently offering free consultation on how to migrate an advanced theme to a regular, upgrade-safe theme. Submit a request here

Other fixes

We've also done a lot of other fixes in this release. 

  • Copy modules in Layout editor - You can now copy modules in the Layout editor with a click of a button. 
  • Two new modules available for layouts: Navigation Image & Navigation Cards
  • Possibility to expand and collapse sites in the Site Builder
  • Setting to disable the HTML module from site & category layouts and from content layout macro. 

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