For more info on the 7.0 release, please read the 7.0.0 release notes
Download Refined for Confluence 7.0.2:

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Version 7.0.2 is a bug-fix release addressing the following.

Microsoft Edge Legacy compatibility

This version includes a fix in order to still be compatible with Edge version 44 for those who are not able to upgrade.


  • Fixed an issue where an automatic upgrade task would fail when coming from early versions of Refined.
  • Fixed an issue where the news, activity, pages and search module would incorrectly filter on the current site if another filter had been configured.
  • Fixed an issue where the Users Macro would not show avatars due to context path issues.
  • Users In Space macro now loads properly
  • Addressed a bug where you couldn't configure Category Users from the category home page.
  • Fixed long space descriptions overflowing in layout modules via the Spaces Module.
  • The Activity stream popup now respects the set keynav color. 
  • Fixed an error where the Link to this page dialog wouldn't show correctly on blogposts. 
  • Preview of Advanced Theming in the admin UI now correctly works again. 
  • Fixed an issue where theme-defined shadows would overflow onto Announcement Banners.
  • Creating a new space from a site now correctly ends up on that site rather than on the global site if no location is specified.
  • Fixed some theme rendering issues with content effects such as borders. 
  • Corrected some in-app documentation links and texts

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