For more info on the 7.0 release, please read the 7.0.0 release notes
Download Refined for Confluence 7.0.4:

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Version 7.0.4 is a bug-fix release addressing the following:

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Added current theme key/ID as class to body. This will allow users to apply theme-specific CSS customizations.
  • Improved the readability on the dates on the News module.
  • Updated the color of the evaluation banner at the bottom of the screen to match Refined brand.
  • Clarified information text for delete confirmation when deleting a site. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't replace an existing advanced theme with the same key.
  • Subcategories now render properly as a link when parent subcategory has category home disabled
  • Fixed an issue where editing permissions would reset after a logo was uploaded to the category being edited.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid values in the news module would breaks the category layout.
  • The activities popup now properly displays on the blog site.
  • The $pagename Text Variables now properly works in a Content Layout Macro
  • Addressed a bug where the activity stream would apply filter parameters from both simple and advanced configurations. 
  • Fixed an issue where labels were no longer included in CQL search for advanced if checkbox was checked.
  • Addressed a bug where Users In Space macro couldn't be edited once "No Title" parameter was checked.
  • Addressed an issue where macros with non-space keys as parameters would breaks the rendering of the page. An example was placing a site key as space key in the activity stream macro. 
  • Excluding a site from site switcher no longer removes it from the permissions tab in Refined admin.
  • Fixed an issue where the divbox macro wouldn't render if nested in other macros.
  • The task Report macro now properly works on a layout for all supported Confluence versions.
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