For more info on the 7.0 release, please read the 7.0.0 release notes
Download Refined for Confluence 7.0.5:

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Version 7.0.5 is a bug-fix release addressing the following:

Bug fixes and improvements

Bug fixes

  • "View more recently visited" link in the Confluence Search Dialog now works with Refined. 
  • Fixed styling for button text colors in the footer editor.
  • Resolved an issue with a broken dependency on Confluence version 6.13.8
  • Fixed an issue with color styles not working for space layouts.
  • Addressed a layout issue when the create button is overlaying the avatar menu with narrow top theme and global menu as header.
  • HTML block "assistive-skip-links" no longer contains broken links.
  • Fixed a bug where filtering was not working as intended with content types being ignored in Activity Stream Module 
  • Fixed an issue where the News Module slider option timing was off; the first slide was shown for a very short time upon page load.
  • Colors scheme on EPIC name from Jira in Jira list macro is now correctly displayed.
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