For more info on the 7.0 release, please read the 7.0.0 release notes
Download Refined for Confluence 7.0.6:

Server Data Center

Version 7.0.6 is a bug-fix & improvements release addressing the following:

Cluster Node ID variable

This release introduces a cluster node ID variable for clustered DC instances. We've added cluster node ID as information in the Footer default text using the placeholder $nodeId

You can add the placeholder yourself in the footer content section as needed. 

Furthermore, we've extended our layout Text Variables to also include $nodeId so that it's possible to add it to layouts via the Layout Editor as well.

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Added cluster node ID variable. 

Bug fixes

  • Addresses an issue where Refined and certain angular-developed apps wouldn't work together causing an error message related to ZoneAwarePromise
  • Fixed an issue where the header layout would break given the Header global menu layout option used in combination with Confluence 7.11. 
  • Fixed a bug where buttons in the Refined admin footer editor would have the wrong colors on newer versions of Confluence. 
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