View permissions

Use view permissions to define which users see what content. View permissions can be managed for a site, category and sections on site and category homes.

You can also create Start Sites for defined users.

For Site and Category View Permissions

Go to: Admin > Site Builder > Settings icon > Edit > View permissions

For Site and Category Home Section Permissions

Go to: Site/Category Home > Edit pen > Lock icon > Edit permissions

Keep in mind, view permissions do not override the space permissions unless you have activated 'manual category permissions'. Activate manual category permissions in the Configuration Tab under "Category".

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Manual Category Permission

Activate Manual Category permissions in the Configuration tab to manually set what categories are shown to what users. Not activating this will show categories that contain spaces a user is allowed to see.

View Permissions for Sites and Categories

Use view permissions on Sites and Categories to defined which users can view a specified site or category. You can make a Site and Category visible to anonymous users, logged in users or the specified user groups. 

Go to: Site Builder > Edit Site or Category you want to add view permissions to by clicking the settings cog. If the lock icon is closed, that means there is already view permissions added to the Site or Category.

Select the users you wish to make the Site or Category viewable for

View Permissions on Site and Category Home Sections

Use view permissions on site and category home content sections to define who can see the content. 

For example a user working with Streaming Services and Production Products would want to see a quick link to the page containing that information (see image on left), whereas a user not working with these areas wouldn't want to see this (see image on right). So here we applied view permissions so the section containing "streaming services and production services" so that 'confluence-streaming-service-users' could see the section, and 'general-confluence-users' couldn't. 

Each Site and Category Home is made up of SectionsView Permissions in Refined for Confluence are then added to the sections (navigation highlight, navigation icons, my activity, pages, etc). By clicking the lock button in the top left hand corner of the section (in editor mode) you can configure which user/s or user group can see the content on that section:

Go to: Site, Category home that you want to edit, click the pen to open the Layout Editor.

If you can't see the pen, make sure you are an admin on that project.

Click the lock icon on the section you want to add view permissions to.

Add the relevant view permissions based on the user groups in your Confluence user groups, then hit save.

If you remove viewing permission for yourself on a section of content, you will see it in the Layout Editor view only.

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