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Project Level:

Go to: Project > Star icon > Create LinkRefined customer portal (in the left navigation) > Recommended links

Admin Level:

Go to: Admin > RefinedTheme Configuration > Self Service Settings > Create LinkCustomer site > Settings in top right corner > Recommended links

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Recommended Links are links added to Jira Service Desk projects (customer portals) Portals, Categories or Sites that show up in the search when matched with key search terms. The links can be from anywhere on the web.

These are a great solution if you don't want to recreate information that already exists, if you want to guide your customers to the right information and reduce the time spend looking through documentation.

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A Recommended Link has the following

TitleThis is what a user making the search will see
URLWhere the content is, this can be any URL (on the web or intranet, etc)
Open in new windowSetting to open in same or new tab
Match wordOne or several words for when this link should show up. Tip: Add several by adding a comma between them.

Recommended links are created on a Service Desk Portal by a project level or from the Self Service tab in the Admin Configuration of RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk.

Jira Administrators, agents and project admin can create recommended links. 

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A Jira Administrator can create global recommended links (links for the whole support site), and get an overview of the links that are created within projects.

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For the match words on each link, you can choose to have one keyword or several to trigger the recommended link. 

Image Removedadmin or a project agent.

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For a Jira/System administrator Recommended Links are managed from the site. Use the settings in the top right corner to get the Recommended Links settings launched. Here you will also get an overview of what links are currently active on your site, and some statistics for their use. 

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No one likes content that is out of date. In order to help you identify what your Jira Service Desk customers are looking for, we keep track of how many times a recommended link has been clicked, and when it was last clicked. This means that you can clean out and delete the ones that are not longer serving their purpose. 

Recommended Links are enabled when the Search Highlight Module is added to a site, category or customer portal. The search highlight exists on these pages by default unless you manually remove them.