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Go to: Theme Configuration > Themes

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Introduction to themes

One of the most visual features of RefinedTheme is the possibility to apply brand specific themes to your Confluence, making it both good-looking as well as improving the user experience and broadening the use cases for your Confluence. 

Learn more about themes here, and find inspiration on our demo-site: RefinedTheme Confluence demo site




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Using RefinedTheme you can sharpen the UI of Confluence in no time.

Create a new theme of your own or use one of the bundled ones. With our Theme Editor it's easy to set it up.

Bundled Themes

There are five bundled themes in RefinedTheme version 6.0 You can use them as is, create copies or edit them directly. 


Creating a theme using our theme editor is super easy. Anyone can create a theme. For a step-by-step guide visit our tutorial: Tutorial: Create a Theme Using the Theme Editor.

Find further information on the features in our Theme Editor Documentation.




Advanced Theming

An advanced theme is build with HTML, JS and CSS. Only recommended for professional front-end developers. 

Advanced Theming Documentation

Theming on sites, categories and sub-categories

You can use themes on different levels of your RefinedThemed Confluence. This means that you can apply different themes to:

  • Sites
  • Categories
  • Sub-categories (since 6.1). 

Learn more about categories here: Categories

Custom HTML and css to compliment your instance

For those of you that have features you wish to put on your instance using html and css, RefinedTheme has its own section for this. Go to Theme Configuration > Themes > Then scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

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Adding html and css is not covered by the support agreement.

By adding html and css here, it will belong to the fact that RefinedTheme is enabled. This menas that if you decide to disable or uninstall RefinedTheme, this section will not remain active.