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Go to: Site Home or Category Home, then click the (...) edit button at the top right corner.

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titleEdit Site & Category Home

What are Site and Category Homes?

Homes are landing pages for the different areas of RefinedThemed ConfluenceRefined Confluence. Use the homes to aggregate content, display useful content, to get an overview, and to navigate to useful content.

Site and Category homes are built using our inbuilt layout editor. Using the editor, you add content layout sections, then add modules to those sections.

The content shown can be controlled by view permissions on each section.

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titleEdit Site and Category Homes

Types of homes

The home layout editor is available on the following homes:

Global site homeUsually the starting page of the instance where content from all areas is shown.
Site homesEach site that you create has a home which is the landing page for that site.
Category homesEach category can have its own home acting like a landing page for the category.
Subcategory homesEach subcategory can have it's own home within the category.

Category and subcategory settings

To change the theme, permissions, and connect users to categories, navigate to the Site Builder, click the settings cog on the Category you want to edit.

To enable or disable category or subcategory homes, click the settings cog on the Category and check Disable category home

Optional extra homes:

 By default the user dashboard homes are not activated*. To activate it, go to the Theme Configuration tab > User > Activate user dashboards. 

User dashboardsThe user dashboards is a landing page for a user. for each user with content regarding that user.
Global user dashboard

The global user dashboard is the template for the user dashboard. The template is access through the theme configuration.

*If you are upgrading from an old RefinedTheme instanceRefined instance, the dashboard will be automatically activated.

Should you wish to deactivate it, go to Theme Configuration > User > Uncheck Activate user dashboards. 

Who can edit a Site Home?

To be able to edit a Site Home, a user needs to be a Confluence Administrator. 

We have a public feature request to add Site Admins that you can find here: 

serverRefinedWiki Support

Who can edit a Category Home?

A user with Confluence administrator permissions can edit all category dashboards.

A category administrator can edit the category home for that category.

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Assign permission to a single category dashboard

Create a group with the name category-admin-categoryKey. All users in the new group can edit the category dashboard.

Example: All users in the group category-admin-sales will be able to edit the category with category key sales

Space Layouts

For setting up the content on a space please refer to Space Layout for more information.

Further information on building Site or Category home layout and content 

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