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Get all blog posts added by the current logged in user

UI Text Box

Tip: Text Variables can be used to construct CQL queries. 


Tailoring the search with CQL

Ticking the box or not?

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For the Search module. If you want to add your own complete CQL statement, make sure to uncheck/untick the box in the image above. When the box is ticked/checked the user entered word, $query, will be used for title and label search, i.e. (title ~"$query*" or label in ("$query")) prepended with an and.

Search Confluence Questions for questions or answers (RefinedTheme 6.1)

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type = "com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-questions:answer" or type = "com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-questions:question"

Search all content using the CQL: text ~"*$query*" - box checked

UI Text Box
text ~"*$query*"

Search all content and labels and titles - box unchecked

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text ~"$query*" or title ~"$query*" or label in ("$query")

Search Confluence for users