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Table of Contents

UI Steps

UI Step

Display SLAs on the request view

With Refined 3.1 you can display SLAs on the request view. 

For more information:  Display SLAs on customer portal

UI Step

Accessibility Improvements

Intorducing a better....Dennis please expand on this subject.

UI Step

New look on Announcement Banners

Announcement banners has got a new look and feelhave gotten a face lift

For more information: Announcement Banners

UI Step

Default Request Type

Introducing a Default Request Type feature. A default request type can be set to catch questions when the end users have hit a dead end. The default request type is displayed when:

  • a user gets an empty search result.
  • a user is not permitted to view a page.
  • a user ends up on a content not found page.

For more information: Default Request Type

UI Step

Attachment Viewer

Introducing a new Attachment viewer for images and movies added to requests and issues. 

UI Step

Renaming Recommended Links to Promoted Search Results

The Recommended Links functionality is renamed to Promoted Search Results to create more clarity about this useful feature. 

UI Step

Bugs and improvements

Other bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made.

Please continue to report bugs, improvement ideas, and new feature requests at!

Thank you!

Resolved Issues

UPDATE NUMBER 47 customer request resolved in this release. 

UI Text Box

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to report a bug, please visit and file a ticket.